I think the majority of us are overstimulated. Think about it. We have all become obsessed over something in the most unhealthiest of ways. There is something that we indulge in that is detrimental to our existence and I for one am growing tired of all of that white noise.

This thing we call life has become convoluted hasn’t it? Just as soon as we get our baring’s somebody else comes after us to pull the rug out from under our feet. In one instance I feel like I am on top of the world and can’t be defeated then a wave of misappropriated emotions threatens to come for me and take me out to see.

There is only so much happiness one can have before we are taken down a few notches. I always wondered the severity of things to come based on the happiness that one can be observed as having. The problem with this mentality is that it takes away from living in the moment and that living in the moment is where happiness is born and comes alive.

If we let our minds wonder to anywhere else but where we are that is where the whirlwind of emotions comes and threatens to knock our ship right over. You know that sinking feeling of despair when we are caught off guard. It is like we hold that one person responsible when it took much more to create this storm.

That quiet calm that comforts us all as we try to ride it out in the eye of the storm. Don’t poke the bear or anger the beast just get yourself to a comfortable distance so you can ride it out comfortably. That is what I never quite understood but I understand how we all can get carried away in the heat of the moment. We have all fallen victim to saying things we don’t mean when we have found ourselves incredibly frustrated and overall irritated straight to hell.

There are so many things I want in this life but I can’t quite figure out why. There are so many things I wish I could indulge my senses in or maybe accomplish before I die but at the end of the day I still find myself within the comfort of these four walls providing me a sanctuary so that I can hide.

My focus needs to be on living in this moment and providing for those in my care in the best way that I can. Get to know them and there likes and dislikes become somebody in their life who truly cares. If I beat myself down about all the places I can’t go I minimize their lives. The lives that they sacrificed to be my companion as they live out their days safe in the confines of a cage.

There are times in my life when I wish I could set them all free but I know that will be their demise. The best that I can hope for is to provide for them all the comforts and needs that their little lives demand and therefore should be provided. I forget as I work feverishly to provide an oasis for my wee animals in my house. I don’t want their little lives to feel like it was all for nothing when they provided me with so much love and comfort.

That connection is what life can never take away. My hope is that if we are bonded and connected in this life then not even death can hope to end it one day. I hope the love and light that we have found will rise together and stay connected long after we have passed and began to make our way. Seems farfetched and unrealistic doesn’t it? But it doesn’t seem fair that after all the living that we get to do that it all means absolutely nothing to no one one day.

I think that is what keeps my nose down at times instead of turned high to the sky. I want to surround myself by those people and moments that feels good and not the ones who are so superficial and shallow they have nothing good to offer you than cold hard cash.

I have been exposed to those types of people who truly need to have the one over on you. That if you get a beat up car they are getting a Lamborghini just to drive up to you house, and it will be in your favourite color too. Some people are like that. When given the chance to be nice they will run you over in the ditch. These people are the reason why I wake up every morning doing everything that I can.

I am not ignorant to the idea that I don’t want to spend eternity with vile beings such as these so I become content in never leaving the house. I want my home to be my sanctuary and I want every other living being in my care to eventually feel the same. We are all worthy of love including those that life has chosen to throw away. The coward among us is capable of throwing away a loving animal who has given up his whole life to us in loving service and signing him up for death row all so you can vacation for a weekend when you had nowhere for your dog to go.

I fear these people most. The ones who look at animals like they are not here for any purpose or that they shouldn’t be given any rights. I think that is the problem when it boils down to it, most of us believe that we should be more entitled than we have been credit for and we will allow others to pay for our own weaknesses with their fragile lives.

The price some pay for this overstimulation will come at the highest of price. We won’t know what will happen when it hits us we just know that we will be forced to pay with our own lives.


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