A Life Unlived

We are all so convinced that we need a significant other in this life that we are more than willing, and some content, to get flat on our back. With little to no effort at all we give up the very thing that keeps us separate from the rest of the world and that is to know how we feel on the inside. Think about it. When was the last time you got laid with little or no attachment at all. I will wait.

I think what keeps people coming around is the accessibility of it all. If you aren’t being bedded by so and so then you are off looking at your past conquests to even out the score. There is no loyalty or sanity anymore when it comes to being in a mutual partnership. For better or worse was the first thing to go. I think we forget that people change and evolve into the beings we were supposed to be but then we are told we are hated by those who had sworn to love us through it all.

The world we live in, I think, is that we have become too scared to make it on our own. The only thing we have to offer the world is in between our legs and I can’t help but wonder if there has to be a little bit more. Why are we so obsessed with getting off when it is probably the easiest thing we can bring into the world. I don’t know about you but I don’t need one particular person to make the magic happen. In fact I can get what needs to be done with no need for more.

Think about all the time wasted with sex and how you are no further ahead at the end of the day. Chances are you wasted time, money and gas just to get to where you are going for sub par affection and feelings that could lower any score. I think that is where I get stuck inside this realm of being a human being. I don’t want to keep wasting time doing things that I have succumbed to before. The reality that all I have to do is have sex to have my bills paid is what I think may be what is wrong with the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong. We need to live our passion and for some of us being a highly, charged sexual being is the epitome of this world. I applaud them. I wish I could train my brain to be content with just sex but there is a whole lifetime of worry and centuries of humanity to try and wade through their thoughts. I want to try and understand how it is that I came to be here and I can’t be doing that if I become distracted with only getting off.

Now I am hated. It seems that these days the only way to become popularity is to allow others to tie you up and push you flat on your back. The audacity of today’s generation makes me grieve for the future and the upcoming world. If we keep spiraling into a world where we are constantly being made to feel inferior how are we ever supposed to live and just be?

There is so much darkness in the world that threatens us on the day to day and if we speak up about it then we become a martyr that has no place in this world. I consider the torment that others were made to feel before they met their own demise and all I can think about is how can this be? If you truly believe that an evil is coming threatening to take down every woman, child and man how can you let your family be faced with this potential violence alone?

I am only here now for my child, and of course all the animals and pets that get to call this place their furrever home. Sure there are dark days when I can’t help but think of all the badness that is happening to me but who would I be if I let my son fend for himself in this world? I need to try and make it so the light can shine through even on the darkest days even if I am hated and the world insists on believing all their lies.

Life has to mean more then just sex and infinite bonds of intimacy. Have we ever considered what would happen to us once life is over and the next part of our destination is on its way. What would happen to all the lives we touched down here? Would we be made to endure their presence into eternity as well? I know there are mistakes but then is this continuation of wanting to feel connected but its that connection with ourselves that is the very first thing to go.

What do I know? Nothing. But I try to get some insight to all the lives that have lived before. I think about the Goddesses throughout time and wonder if they behaved in such a way or if is only modern day society that makes us believe that we are brave. Brave to show off who we really are to the outside world or have we just made ourselves all up because we have become too scared to even breathe. What I like to consider is all the things that the darkness tries to take away all before I become confident to step into the light.

Not the light that means it over but the light that will help guide or way. It’s not enough to just partake until the living is all over you have to try your best to ensure that when it comes to those you love their will be brighter days. Not every day will be the best with you in mind but you have to know that there are people who care. It’s not like it takes a whole life time to realize our own potential. It seems to only be privy to happen to those individuals who care.

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